Lost your eCard?

Good news! You can access your AHA eCard anytime!

Tips for Re-accessing your eCard:

  • First, navigate to the AHA’s eCard website: https://ecards.heart.org/student/myecards
  • Type in your first name, last name, and email address and hit Search. You do not need to provide the eCard code. When prompted, enter the answer to your security question to access your account and view/download your active eCards. If you forgot the answer to your security question, click the “Forgot security answer?” link to have it emailed to you.
  • The email address must be the same one you provided when you were issued the eCard during your AHA class.
  • You must use the EXACT NAME that was provided during class when your eCard was assigned. Example: If you asked to have the name “John J. Doe” on your eCard, that is how you will search for your eCard.

If you still cannot find your eCard, please contact [email protected] with your full name, date of class, and phone number.